Catch helps Curaçao craft an image while boosting an economy

Working with a destination as little-known as Curaçao, Catch worked to create a campaign that defined this Caribbean nation and set it far apart from their neighbors.

Through competitive research and a global discovery process, one clear insight emerged, those who had been could only sum it up with the words, “you just have to feel it for yourself.” Thanks to the incredibly rich mix of the island’s Dutch colonial history, and a unique blend of Caribbean and European flavor, and the 35 beaches of sun, sand, and surf.

With this differentiator, the island promoted an experience that couldn’t be explained, one you’d simply have to feel for yourself. Visually we wanted to disrupt the sea of sameness that you would find in any travel publication with endless images of ocean blues. So we brought the colors of the island to life in the ads themselves to make the island further stand out from the crowded pack.

The results speak for themselves.

  • When we came to overhauling the website, it was about creating an experience and a feel that not only mirrored the campaign but allowed potential travelers to plan out what they wanted to do on the island.

    So we pinpointed moments in the travel cycle the website would have the most impact and developed a site that triggered emotional benefits and provided the practical information that travelers seek, no matter where they are coming from.

    With a refined visual language and content strategy, Curaçao built their brand in ways that weren't possible prior to the new website and consistently provide a seamless experience.


    3 consecutive years of growth in stay-over arrivals from North American visitors

    2 additional North American airline carriers, adding an additional 10 flights per week

    3 international hotel brands with ambitious new plans on the island