A unique campaign lets guests do the talking.

Coming off a strong year, Loews Hotels & Resorts was in search of the next big thing to increase awareness and consideration of the brand, while driving direct bookings by connecting with the target audience on a human level. With a limited share of voice in a crowded field, Catch sought to break Loews through the "sea of sameness" by showcasing a more genuine guest experience across the brand, in a way that none of its competition could match. The result: Travel for Real, a first-in-category campaign that sources guest-generated social media imagery. Because, as we like to say, nobody tells the Loews story like the guests themselves.

  • As the brand's first fully integrated campaign across all marketing touch points, Travel For Real gives Loews its best platform yet to achieve a cohesive brand positioning that clearly differentiates it within the category.

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"There are no tricks... 'Travel For Real' is the real deal, through the eyes, and lenses, of our guests who loved the time they had at Loews."

Doug Spitzer
Chief Creative Officer, Catch NY